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The Relaxed Male

Aug 28, 2022

Main Topic

The magic question

  • What if you could be successful?
  • what if You could take that dream vacation?
  • What if you did have that house on the hill?
  • What if that girl did agree to go on a date?
  • What if your wife did decide to stay
  • What if you showed your wife the needed attention she wanted?

Limiting What if...

Aug 18, 2022

Many times I hear the words I don’t care. This is in response to what others think to how they act in a group. Many guys will sluff off the phrase I really don't care or that's just how I am. Is this productive or is it a mean's for you to not have to try?

What happens when you don't care?

There are many effects of a...

Aug 11, 2022

This week I am talking to both Rich Chelson and Matt Glesspie of Operation: Tears of the 22 and how they got started. How they did it without knowing what they were getting into. How they did it scared.

Now the sound quality isn't the same level that I am used to cranking out but that is part of the fun of trying new...

Aug 4, 2022

August 4-7 Tears of the 22 Retreat


Those who gave Sats.

Main Topic


400 officers standing around waiting for someone to give orders

Sniper couldn’t get clearance

Possible result of defunding the Police

Police don't want to be put in jail

Don't want the responsibility laid on their heads

Reminds me of...