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The Relaxed Male

May 12, 2022

Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds awake to find that it was vanity; But the dreamers of day are dangerous men. That they may act on their dreams with open eyes to make it possible

T. E. Lawrence

Do you dream during the day?

Many of us men don't allow ourselves to dream. We feel that our world is what Our circumstances dictate. We as men often feel trapped, and we resign ourselves to this life. yet that we don't have to we can change everything about our world all we have to do is start dreaming.

It is a lot like Sebastian from The NeverEnding Story. once Fantasia was completely destroyed he had the ability to rebuild it any way he wanted with just a wish. If he wanted the Rockbiter back, the Rockbiter came back. There was the racing snail. His wishes are your dreams. so what are you dreaming? 

Why do so many men give up on their dreams?

That's a hard question, The reasons are vast and as numerous as there are men. Many times, men give up on their dreams and stop dreaming all together because they were told to. Maybe they had their mothers and fathers tell them that their dream is not realistic. maybe they had a teacher who told them that dream is dumb. May have even had a good friend who said that dream is impractical. Why do we give up a lot of time just because we do just that we give up?

The world beat us down when we were young and aspiring young men. we tried to persue a dream and we failed and we decided that was it. we also have bought into particular beliefs and lines of thought Mike I'm married and have kids so I have to be rational now. No, you don't. you do have to take care of your family yes you have a certain set of responsibilities that you have to keep up with, but you can still dream.

Do you dream? are they small dreams or do you dream big?

Many times some of us men still dream. they're not Big Dreams they're more aspirations, just fleeting thoughts that we have about that would be nice if…

My other men do dream they have large dreams they have audacious dreams they have dreams that scare many other men. those scared men are the ones who don't dream those men are the ones who were told not to dream. They were told it's better if you don't dream. get those men who did dream, and have conquered, literal worlds. Alexander the Great had monstrous dreams and he accomplished those dreams. 

Don't be JUST a dreamer

Dreamers only dream. They don't take action to realize those dreams. While a dreamer of the day will take the actions and have the confidence to fail. Each action taken is an action towards its goal. Even failure is a lesson on what to do to reach your goals.

Make dreams and Take action

Therefore go out and dream boldly. Dream big. Then choose a dream you want to pursue and go for it. A man is a complete man when he is going for his dreams and realizing them.

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