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The Relaxed Male

Apr 21, 2022

What is the River Of Misery?

This is a gap where on one side you are mentally and on the other side of the river is where you want to be. The River of Misery is the effort you make to get to the other side and have a new and better thought. What represents water in the middle is the struggle to get to the other side. There is all the cognitive dissonance, the effort to power over to a new thought, The tripping and failings that happen when you fall back into old ways of thinking.

Bridge Thoughts

What are Bridge Thoughts? These are small stepping thoughts that allow you to span the river of Misery. This allows you to slowly shift how you think so that you are able to take action.

Why is the River of Misery so tough?

  • Habits
  • Social Pressure
  • Your own Thoughts