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The Relaxed Male

May 19, 2022

Now through life, we all face circumstances in our life. Circumstances are not only the events we face, they are the fact of the events that we face. You see, when a circumstance happens around us, we have thoughts about that circumstance. Those thoughts could be good or they could be bad. It is all about how we think of that circumstance.

In Episode 117 I talked about Circumstances and the fact that these events in our lives are not good nor are they bad until we apply thought to them. This is why people can have two different views of the same circumstance. Some people like the prequel trilogy of Star Wars and others don't. It isn't because they saw a different movie they have different thoughts on that movie.

Try this experiment

Grab a piece of paper.

Write down 10 facts about your life.

Now I want you to write a story of your life as if it was a tragedy. Use those 10 facts about your life that you wrote down, and it has to be true.

Now on the other side of the paper, I want you to write out your life story as if it was a story of triumph or a story of redemption. Again you have to use all 10 of those facts and it has to be true.

My stories

10 words

Divorced parents

Dad Remarried

I was grounded

Lived with dad

Helped dad on the ranch


Large Family

VIsited Mom

Mom remarried

Moved a lot