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The Relaxed Male

Aug 13, 2020

This week we are talking about The Man’s Soul. This pillar has a couple of different facets. Not only does it mean building and creating but Feeding your soul is also tied to mental health.

What does a Man’s soul mean? 

In a nutshell, it is being creative. We are said to be made in God’s image He is also called the creator. He created the Heavens and the earth and all that goes with that. If we are made in his image then it would be thought that we are creators too. 

Be A Creator

So to feed your mind you need to be creating something be it painting, woodworking, peace within yourself. We all have a need and drive to be creating. 

Find a Hobby

This is why having a hobby where you are finding something you are passionate about is so important. Being a historical reenactor, flying R/C Planes, even talking to others. You are creating connections and feeding your soul.

Enter your Zone of Genius

Your soul also means approaching and finding your zone of genius. This is a term coined by Gay Hendricks in The Big Leap. This the work you were meant to be doing. You find it way too easy to do. You find it hard to pull away from. Time seems to both stand still and fly at the same time. It is the easiest for you to enter that flow state where you get so much done.

Why is Feeding your soul so important?

Ever been trapped in a soul-sucking job? Many men have. It is thought this is one reason why so many men commit suicide on Sunday night/Monday Morning. While others face almost crippling burnout. This is what happens when you don’t feed your soul. WE lose who we are, our soul. It is imperative for men to find a way to feed our souls. 

It allows for your mind to unwind and expand in other directions. We are thinking creatures. This is what places us above all the other animals on earth. We have this ability to experience an event and reflect on it. Find that there are lessons learned from it and grow in our knowledge. 

It isn’t being stress-free.

Look at your kids as they play video games. They get tense and angry, and if you ask them why they play a game that makes them so mad they say because it is fun. Your passion is the same way. Feeding your soul isn’t about relieving stress. It is living in the moment. Shifting gears from the daily grind.

It is taking time for yourself 

That may mean going out into the woods and going for a walk. Doing some activity for the sake of yourself. You don’t have to get alone to be able to feed your soul you can also be with others who are on the same path. These people can have the same passions for the same things as you. You can build together.