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The Relaxed Male

Jul 14, 2022

The Operation Tears of the 22 Mission Critical Retreat.

Storytime - home town alma mater is giving away free school supplies and I raised the question of why this seems like it will end badly? I got a lot of parents from that area chimed in saying it was a good thing. I really don't think it is, for many different reasons. I have several thoughts as to why not having the parents provide the supplies

Well <Classmate> this is when you really need to have that debate. Just leave it alone? why? Because it’s easier? It’s with good intentions? Remember what the road to hell is paved with.

I agree it sounds good on paper but the devil is in the details. What are you showing the kids about life? That they don’t need to worry? The system will take care of you? Just accept that free lunch with out looking to see if there is a hook on it? I’m leery of free stuff with it being an altruistic motive. Altruism is one of the most evil things a man can do for another man. Because everything has a cost and altruistic motives cost the victim his ability to care.

So is it worth talking about yeah I think it is.

This is where my thoughts on altruism come into play.

Men have been taught that their first concern is to relieve the suffering of others. … To make that the highest test of virtue is to make suffering the most important part of life. Then man must wish to see others suffer in order that he may be virtuous. Such is the nature of altruism.

Ayn Rand

What you are getting when you're altruistic is that you have to hope for people to suffer so that you are able to give more of yourself. This is often why caretakers sabotage their wards. They have to be able to swoop in to rescue that person so that they feel needed.

You are sacrificing yourself

  • You are not taking care of yourself.
  • You are putting yourself in harm's way
  • You are causing that other person to be dependent upon you and your actions
  • You are taking risks that are not needed

You are not actually helping that person

  • You are not allowing the other person to figure it out.
  • You are making them dependent on you
  • you are creating two victims at the same time.

Miss conceptions of Altruism

There are many different factors of altruism that many people get wrong. There are many myths


It makes you happy?

Clears your concionce

Makes the world better?

Allows you to find new friends/partners

Helps you get further in corporations

More trust


No, it cants make you happy. Your thoughts can.

Till you have to let the person live their own life

Except that it takes care out of the world

If you like codependent friends if not it makes them codependent

Except that it erodes trust in the long run

[Altruism] is a moral system which holds that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the sole justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, value, and virtue. This is the moral base of collectivism, of all dictatorships.

Ayn Rand

this is one of the big things that Nice guys do. They have an altruistic sense of morality. They do it and expect others to go along with their thoughts and when they don't they get upset and resentful.

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