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The Relaxed Male

Feb 16, 2020

So there are so many people following each other it is actually pretty hard to see who is really leading. From Tattoos being a kind of interesting piece of art on bikers and sailers to now you see almost everyone with a tattoo.

What makes leaders and successful people are that they are different. They don't march to anybody's drum but their own. Though people around them try to force them into their square hole. These people are unique. 

Don Imus

Howard Stern

Rush Limbaugh

What makes each of these three men different. Their careers started to soar when they started doing what they were called to do. They stopped listening to the crowd and started going on their own path.

Now, this is different than rebelling against society or Men Going Their Own Way. Those are people using a victimhood mindset to make their decisions. Their motions have defensive intentions. While successful men go with a purpose. 

Those who march with a purpose don't care what others think. They have a vision and they are going for it. Yeah, there will be those who call them out. Yet they will not stop till they have achieved their reason