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The Relaxed Male

Jan 5, 2023

Tools Needed

  • Notebook
  • Pen/s
  • Determination


Now I have been talking about

Break the plan down into sizable chunks

Use the Smart goal technique

  • Specific -
  • Measurable -
  • Attainable -
  • Relevant -
  • Timely -

This technique is just the start. It is nothing more than a starting place. This helps you get your thoughts in...

Dec 29, 2022

This is the end of the year. Therefore it stands to reason that we are looking toward the future.

Why you don't look to the future?

I don't know how.

What if I fail?

I don't have the money

I don't know what I want

I have never done X.

Are you looking to the future or are you just daydreaming?

Many times we say we are...

Dec 15, 2022

Is it OK to be rich? These questions will bring up so many thoughts about money.

I don't care about money/Money isn't important

Money Is the Root of All Evil

Money makes you greedy

Money Tears families apart

Money is nothing but a score

Money is a circumstance

Money is like alcohol

Money is a tool

Dec 8, 2022

You are worthy

Inferiority complexes

Love Yourself

Being the Bully to yourself

Troubled by your past?

Nobody really cares about your past.

Building your Self-worth

Kintsugi and Ikigai

Find your purpose

Feel like an imposter

Nov 10, 2022

It doesn't matter how you look at it, you have had the feeling that you have been wronged at least a few times in your life. It may be just a minor faux pas or something major where you have had a major grievance. We all have the opportunity to forgive at one point or another. 

The problem most people have is that they...