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The Relaxed Male

Aug 18, 2022

Many times I hear the words I don’t care. This is in response to what others think to how they act in a group. Many guys will sluff off the phrase I really don't care or that's just how I am. Is this productive or is it a mean's for you to not have to try?

What happens when you don't care?

There are many effects of a man not caring about something.

  • Isolated
  • Aggravated
  • Feel alone - because
  • restless

Why do you not care?

There are many reasons that men say they don't care. From appearing to sound stronger and more resilient than they really believe they are to trying to protect themselves.

Many men want to avoid the drama that others bring into the mix. Yet they have their own drama that they like to partake in

Maybe you need to care

If you are on your journey of increasing your community then it may be a good idea to start caring

Afraid to care?

Caring for people is scary. They may have altier motives for talking with you. They may be using you. Then again they may earn your trust only to completely destroy it.

You might get hurt - I am sure you will

There are hazards to caring for people. They have their own thoughts and emotions and that makes interacting with them messy and full of drama. You will have people that appear to be of one standard and then you will find out that they are not of that standard. There are nice guys and good girls hiding around every corner. Victims are waiting to exploit your kindness. Yet They are actually fairly easy to spot once you notice them. you can even allow them into your circle of influence while you don't let them actually influence you.

If you want help getting back to caring about people again so you can grow your community Sign up for a Consult call and let us see if we can work together.

Man standing a lone because he doesn't care