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The Relaxed Male

Jul 28, 2022

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Operation Tears of the 22: Mission Critical

Main Topic

man has had religion their whole lives

there are many different types of religion

The key point is that all of them have a god.

Abrahamic Religions all have god. And they break apart from there

Judaism, Islam, Christianity

Each of those breaks down into subgroups, And those subgroups into smaller subgroups

There are modern religions that turn Man into a god. Modern deconstructionists. Covidien's for example

The environmental religion worships the earth

Everybody believes in something.

Even atheists have a god they turn to.

What is religion used for?

Give us a moral compass

A place to meet other people on a common topic

What Religion is not

a guilt trip

Why do people leave the church?


Don't see a purpose

Peer pressure

They see it as a hypocrisy

They see religious people as hateful

Change of beliefs

How to get the most out of your religion

You get what you put in.