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The Relaxed Male

Jul 7, 2022

What is intention?

So many times we are living our life because we see someone else doing something or we are told how we should live our lives and we blindly just do it. We don't think about does that fit what we want in life? You often see teenagers struggle with this. These Young people run from one fad to the next. This is why the current fad of gender studies is so damaging. Because they don't know if the permanent changes to their lives are what they really want. They think they do but they won't even know who they are and what they believe till they are around 26.

Even after 26 many people still, don't question who they are. What do they stand for? They don't know what their standards are, and many nice guys haven't even had a thought for themselves in so long they hardly even know how to do that.

You hear the intentional life being mentioned from time to time. The speakers are often talking about living in a way that makes you happy. So you can be in a constant state of joy. Well, that's not possible. Nor is it wanted

It is living life on your terms.

Signs you may want to start living with intention.

  • Your life isn't going the way you want it too
  • You don't make plans
  • You are feeling burnout
  • You are always putting out other people's fires
  • Are you asking Disempowering questions?
  • Feel like you are spinning

How do you live life with intention?

  • Have standards
  • Listen
  • Have a plan
  • Follow that plan
  • Dream Big and go for it
  • Have boundaries and Enforce them
  • Have your priorities straight