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The Relaxed Male

Aug 27, 2020

What does it mean to be dangerous? For our guest host this week it means to stop playing it safe. Don’t spend your time worry so much about what the neighbors think and pursue the FLAP.

We all want Freedom Love Aliveness and Peace. To attain these four wonderful items you have to examine why are you not reaching those levels? Whatis it that you are afraid is going to happen if you do achieve your goals.

So being dangerous means stop playing it safe. So many men who do play it safe do so because they fear having to either a start over once they reach their goal or be they are afraid of what others may think. That other maybe your co-workers or your wife or son.

So how do you teach your son to be dangerous? You can do so by example and through communication.

How do you show your teenage boys how to not care what other people think? Because that is the Conformity pressure chamber? You talk with him. You spend time building the trust that you aren't going to blow up at him for every little infraction and mistake he makes.

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