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The Relaxed Male

Aug 6, 2020

Why does a man’s mind need to be kept up?

That is what we talk about this week on our continuing series about the 4 pillars of a relaxed Male or maybe fo a confident man. I don’t know I am playing with the thought and still working through some of the details. Either way, the principles of a man’s mind will stay the same. 


  1. What do I mean by a man’s mind
    1. You have to feed your mind to keep it strong. 
    2. Don’t mean just puzzles
    1. It is you
    2. You need it to make decisions 
    3. You have the power of reason
  2. Why is your mind important?
    1. Way to keep your mind strong
      1. Read nonfiction books
        1. Self-help
        2. Biographies 
      2. Learn a new word of the day
      3. Conversations 
      4. Practice mindfulness 
      1. Television will rot your brain
    2. Stay away from junk content
  3. How do you keep your mind strong?
    1. You have to keep your wits sharp
    2. You have to keep mental illness at bay
    3. You have to have logic and reasoning 
  4. Why is the man’s mind important to being a relaxed male?