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The Relaxed Male

Nov 18, 2021

As we talked last week on episode 102 we looked at our circumstances and talked about how those circumstances are actually neutral. So with that where does all of our pain and suffering actually come from? That is actually what I wanted to examine this week.

Where does the pain in your life come from if it isn't from the external forces in your life? This is where many people actually get a bit turned off by what I am about to say. The results of your pain and suffering are thanks to how you think of your circumstance.

Yep, your thoughts and how they are framed are where the hopelessness, the fear, the anxiety, the frustration. It is also the source of the joy, triumph, complete, and love all come from. It is how you think of what the circumstance means that creates the emotion.

So I just change my thoughts?

Well, it's not that easy. especially if it is a thought you have had for a very long time. It will take work for your mind to accept the new thought, and for you to believe that new thought. To be able to do that you will have to be aware of what your thoughts are and from there you can see when you are having that old thought and work to change it. This is often where having help like with a coach can come into play. This is because a coach will stay out of the emotional pit that you can find yourself in and help point out where the missteps are happening.

A good example of this is what a business opportunity arises. As we know there is a battle over whether we as Americans have the right to choose to get a shot and still be able to provide for our family. There are companies that are firing or suspending their employees because they have justifiable reservations about betting the Covid vaccine. So this causes a bit of a quandary. Do you go against your values and get the shot or do you stand for your beliefs and try to find some other way to do your duty and provide for your family?

An example of this is Andrew Crapuchettes, He saw the cancel culture and government actions are being wrong. He could have been angry or resentful or any other array of emotions, and who knows he may have felt all of those and more. Yet he chose to look at the problem not with a victim mindset and see it as this is bad. He saw an opportunity and took it. I am sure if you talked to him he had uncertainty about starting up a brand new adventure when the economy isn't firing on all cylinders. Yet his view was that it would work and so he started up a new job board. This job board is for those who have been displaced by the vax mandate and wants to put hard-working employees with employers that respect that person's right to choose. So he created and his site is growing as more people are wanting to work and want to choose whether the vaccine is a good idea for their circumstance. Maybe they already had covid and don't feel that they need to have the shot because of their natural immunity. Maybe an employee has an immune problem that could cause their immune system to overreact. Maybe there is a person who might have a heart condition and isn't sure the vax is a good idea. No matter what that person's circumstance is they have their own thoughts and is there to help put them with a company that understands their situation and is willing to stand against the mandates.

Another example of this is the masks and whether or not they are needed we know the circumstances. Yet some people have the thought that they are not needed while others feel they need to wear a mask alone in a car on a lonely county road. Either of the people wrong? No, They are going off of their own thoughts.

If you are interested in working on your thoughts then please reach out and contact me or Join the Brotherhood of Men