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The Relaxed Male

Feb 1, 2020

Talking about failing to even start today. What holds you back? What are the factors that keep you from even taking getting far enough down the road to even feel stuck?


This is the biggest of all and encompasses just about everything that makes you not even want to jump off the diving board into the pool of cool success.

Fear of Results

But we want results right? Yes, we do. yet many times those results can be scary to think of. There are people who are afraid of what's going to happen to them if and when they become successful. What if success changes you what if you become fake? All of these different want ifs that happen in our minds but never happen in real life.

Fear of Change

The very act of changing scares people. That lizard part of your brain starts to activate and you are suddenly on the lookout for saber-tooth tigers and other unforeseen hazards. So, it is better if you were just staying in your cave and not come out. Of course, that means you will starve. Yet you are at least safe.

Fear of Upsetting Others

We worry about what others will think. Again we may lose some friends or be talked about behind our backs. Well, who wants that? Nobody if they allow others to control their feelings. You would be surprised to find out that most people who matter in your life will cheer you on. While those who don't actually provide value to your life will talk. Yet again since they don't provide any value they really don't matter in the grand scheme of things, which is your life.

Fear of Failing

We fear to fail. It could ruin us or cause problems. Maybe you fear people will talk or something to that effect. And that could happen more than likely they will see you get back up and ignore the fall. What the fall means is only in your mind.

The Skateboarder

My son when he was young wanted a skateboard and so we got him one. Several Months later, He wanted to go to the skate park and try it out. So we took him to the local park and it took him a long time of trying to go down the halfpipe before he finally attempted to go. What was holding him back? Fear

Why does this happen?

Over Thinking the situation

Most of the time it is over thinking of the situation

How to Jump

Some tips on how to jump and go ahead and get started.

Make a plan

Planning is good

Set goals

Goals are needed for you to know how you are going to proceed

Talk to others

Get tips and tricks on how to navigate your path by talking to others who have gone down that road before you.

Get a coach

You can also find out how to achieve your goals and success by getting coached.