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The Relaxed Male

Jul 2, 2020

Main event

I have seen many people who go through life looking through the rearview mirror of life. A wise man once told me that is why the rearview mirror is so small. Yeah, the pst is important but what is important to you is in front of you.

We all have different experiences in life we like to think that they define who we are and that simply isn’t the case. We often will look to occurrences that simply don't 

  1. Your life is always made up of experiences
    1. What does it mean to be loveable?
  2. You believe you cant love or you are not able to be loved
  3. The past is just that the past
    1. You may have had bad things happen to your past. But the past isn't who you are today.
  4. Are you defining yourself from your past?
  5. Are you telling yourself these stories?
    1. You have to allow yourself to be lovable
    2. You have to take responsibility for what you did do.
  6. You can change
  7. Stop playing the victim.