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The Relaxed Male

Nov 4, 2021

I remember when I was young I was put out by the fact that I really wanted to be in a place of management yet I always had to start at the bottom. This feeling has gone on for many men for centuries. There are those who think they deserve to be in a higher position than where they are. They don't have the skills to even contemplate the amount of work that actually takes.

Many workers only see that the Managers don't do the manual labor of that industry. They don't see all of the other tasks that a manager has to do for their job. This is also why from time to time when someone is promoted the great worker makes a lousy manager. They focus on what they think a manager does instead of what a manager actually does.

The problem with this thinking

  • Nobody owes you anything
  • You have to prove yourself
  • victim-oriented
  • Scarcity oriented

You have to have skills

  • You learn these skills from that position that you are in to have the block needed to climb to the next level.
  • You have to show that you are dependable
  • These skills allow you to be efficient at the next level of your profession.
  • This is why the CEO gets paid more than the receptionist.

How do you get into higher positions?

  • Have a goal in mind
  • Know that it's not instant
  • If and when you screw up you will need to add some time to your deadline.
  • Work as if it is all you can do
  • ask for more responsibility
  • Take on other tasks that you see needing to be done.

This goes for you starting your own business

You may think that running your own business means for a while you get to choose your own hours and you can have 4 day weekends and other luxuries while the money just rolls into your account. Yet that is the farthest from the case

The Different Hats

There are many different hats that you have to wear as a new business owner. Many think it's sunshine and rainbows shortly after starting. Yet that isn't the case. Many see yeah getting started is hard but that's actually the easy part. Keeping the momentum going is where the work actually happens.

This is the problem with the Tech Industry

They go out and make a business that has to have venture capital and don't even think of how to monetize their product. They get angel investors to throw millions or even billions of money at them and then you see the founders running around in fancy cars and huge executive suites without actually getting the other needed skills to effectively run the business.

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