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The Relaxed Male

Jan 23, 2020

We all feel stuck from time to time. The problem is when we feel stick and don’t know how to get past that feeling. We often are stuck and accept it as normal. We cope with the feeling and it often becomes normal. That is why so many people have started their great American novel, and it dies there. These folks start their novel and they are stuck and the fruit of their work just dies on the vine.

Why do people, get stuck? There are several different reasons for them feeling stuck


Most people find other things to focus on than take the time and work needed to apply the foreword pressure to keep going on their dream or ambition. We procrastination is often the go-to means of not doing the work because we can always find easier things to focus on that doesn’t require the same amount of brainpower as it does when we are creating.

We over Book

With all the life throw at us, we often over book. The new projects and honey-do list keeps growing. This is often a huge distraction from our objectives. We see that we aren’t doing the job we need to do but we are stuck trying to get the priorities list taken care of so we can eventually focus on our dream. The problem is that the list never really shrinks. Either because we use the tasks as a means to procrastinate or we are not managing our time correctly.

We don’t say No

This goes in line with overbooking, but we also fail to say no or don’t set boundaries that allow us to take care of our dreams and goals. Someone needs a quick 29 project done and another person needs to talk to us to 10 minutes. As these people ask more and more of us we have less and less time to do what needs to be done. Therefore, you have to set boundaries and learn to say no.

We Need a Change

Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut. This happened in marriages and other relationships but also happens when you are trying to achieve your goals. You get in a rut and ruts are famously hard to get out of. Ruts can also be dangerous in they can hang you up or in old times, they would even break wagon wheels.

Yet you have to get out of the rut and the best way to do that is to make a change. It could go outdoors and go camping or maybe you have to change your employment status from full time to part-time. There is something that can change that will help propel you to the next level you are trying for.

We are not wanting to make progress

Sometimes we just don’t want to make the progress we talk about. It could be out of fear or you don’t want to actually do the work. Both of these can be detrimental to a dream or opportunity. Yet if we buckle under and get to work, we can make progress in the field we need to slough through. Yeah, accounting sucks but you have to get it done.

Afraid to Change

Many people don’t want to change. They are comfortable and feel alright with where they are. Except that, they have this sensation that they are missing something or time is running out and they are right. They have to make the change and step out of their comfort zone before they can grow. A chick has to break free of the egg for it to be healthy. A butterfly has to fight its way out of its cocoon if it gets help the butterfly is not going to be a beautiful creature we normally see. It has to go through the discomfort of hatching so that the blood and other fluids are squeezed to the tips of the wings. Without it is it this flightless creature that will die suddenly.

We have to face the change we are afraid of for us to grow. The experience of that discomfort gives us the needed skills to face the next task

Way out of feeling stuck

Thought Download

You can take the time to write down every thought you have in a 15 – 30 minute period. Doing so allows your brain to register that the thought has become more real and effectively stops the thought circle. You would be surprised by how much you do think about that has nothing to do with what you want to be done. In making, a thought download you can physically see what you are thinking about and decide what is more important than other thoughts

Take a Break

There is nothing wrong with stopping project, stepping back, and accessing where you are being hung up

Take action

Be it Making a decision on a problem or hiring a life coach if you take action no matter how small you will be making progress